for a colorful life

 photographer: Els Kocken


Irene Heldens is a Dutch fashion designer, owner of UHMAH store and teacher at Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam.


She started her brand "Irene Heldens - for a colorful life" more than ten years ago as the first Dutch designer working with African/Dutch wax print. In her collections she captured the "Zeitgeist" of the melting pot of our time. Making modern collections with pure materials, colorful silhouettes and a strong use of African prints.


Now Irene is working on her latest project called “Rage against the dying of the light”. After working several years in the fashion industry she felt it was the right moment to lose the time pressure and commercial rules and come closer to her inner self and start working from another point of view, mixing several artistic disciplines.

"Rage against the dying of the light" is a cross-over performance about the impermanence of time. How much time do we have left on this earth and how do we fill in our time?

Irene is the creator and artistic leader of this multi disciplined piece. She combines fashion with modern dance, poetry and music.

For more information check out House of Confetti, the foundation behind "Rage against the dying of the Light".


Irene Heldens stands for quality and exclusivity. This is why unique limited edition collections are produced by hand in a conscience and respectful way, thinking about the environment and the well being of people. Irene only use the highest-grade materials so that the quality and design will last for many years.

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