Irene Heldens X Calico Jack RE-DESIGN sustainable fashion collection - Will Falize - Vvv sweater - Smiling pants

Let’s start a revolution of values

We are a whole, together with nature and animals we are sharing such a beautiful planet. Let’s make sure future generations will also be able to see it. So let’s cherish what we have and search for new innovative idea’s that can solve the problems of our time and inspire others to do better as well.


Irene Heldens is moving forward to an inclusive sustainable future for everyone. While designing we don’t only think of beautiful esthetics but also the story behind the design.


We support the up-cycle and re-design movement. We try to keep our waist as lows possible and create beautiful designs from carefully sourced dead-stock fabrics and clothes.

Irene Heldens Inheritance collection by Radu Carnaru - Maloes Ijpelaar - Nina Koleva - Mahis Chaitoe

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