For a colorful life

Founded in 2009 Irene created a unusual colorful world to bring out the magical beauty of people, places and life that is surrounding us. Celebrating life and appreciating the precious time we have here.

This vision was never compromised and only grew stronger through the years. Combining the love for beautiful design and an idealistic believe that we can built a better future together. Change is what we are giving to the fast fashion system by making limited-edition statement pieces that are seasonless, timeless, sustainable, inclusive and anti fast-fashion. We want to celebrate every moment with a glamoureus sexy design and doing good for the planet and each other while creating it.

Every look in the latest collection is ethically made with high-end existing materials of leftover stock and fabrics to create unique one off a kind pieces. All items are carefully selected and hand picked by our high quality standards. All pieces are crafted by hand by small ateliers and artisans in Holland. 

Irene Heldens zwart:wit portret

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