House of Confetti foundation

Rage against the dying of the light by House of Confetti - Irene Heldens - Nicole van den Berg - Crissy Fila - Dario Tortorelli

House of Confetti, was founded in 2018 by Irene Heldens and Sjanneke Hendrix. The foundation has found it’s roots in the necessity to create a platform where different art forms are combined in crossover performance. The first production by House of Confetti – Rage against the dying of the light – was a combination of dance, theater, poetry, music and fashion.

Sjanneke shares her expertise on the field of production, organization and commerce. She has a perfect eye for seeing the creative process and filtering all the organizational elements to maximize the result.

Irene will always be the artistic motor within House of Confetti and guarantees quality by working together with partners who know how to qualitatively translate her artistic vision into a stage production.